Rory Thomas O’Neill

Director of Photography/Multimedia Producer

Rory is a special breed of creative.  He is a multimedia producer, photographer, videographer and director who implements photography, video and graphic design to help PENN clients tell their marketing stories in a visually exciting, engaging and compelling manner.

With degrees in advertising and photography and more than 20 years of branding and marketing expertise, Rory is extremely well rounded in all aspects of creative development and multimedia production. As part of the PENN senior leadership team, Rory brings best-in-class skills, savvy and expertise that assures our clients get the very best bang for their buck.  Put simply, it is work that works.

When you think about it,  still photography, audio, video and new media all are simply good old fashioned advertising at heart. With Rory, it’s all about results.  And telling your story in a way that connects and compels our target audience.

As a practical matter, everything Rory does is designed to keep costs down and value high while maintaining a consistently best-in-class creative product on every project, regardless of size or scope.