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CHS Energy Summit Success Story: Sioux Center

This is an edited version of a 10-minute marketing documentary that was a key part of the 2013 CHS Annual Sales Rally. We cut this version for use at a national energy industry summit in the fall of 2012 to highlight the success story of CHS working in concert with a long-standing Co-op client to

Erik’s Minnesota Adventures This was a labor of love in many respects. The video is for Erik’s Minnesota Adventures, a program offered by Erik’s Ranch & Retreats, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young high-functioning autistic adults live and work independently. Erik’s Minnesota Adventures will feature a wide array of “Experience Tours” that will be led by

Video Reel

Imagine having direct, easy access to a digital video content partner who can provide you with amazing HD video for whatever you need. Web video, product demonstrations, mobile content, social media content. You name it. Video that is as crisp and clear as it is clean and compelling. Content that dazzles the eye, makes the