PENN Sizzles In Rebranding Seattle Restaurant Chain.


Burgermaster. Heck yeah.

I really had a blast with these guys. Best dang burgers in Seattle. The clients were gung-ho and open to my ideas. It was a real pleasure to have them as a valued client.

“We’re a small restaurant chain in Seattle, WA — we hired Steve to help us communicate our story in a way that was concise and resonated with our customers. We flew Steve out — within a few hours, it was obvious that Steve just GOT IT. He understood who we were — took pictures of our operation — he had lunch and spoke with employees and stakeholders. A few weeks later he turned in a brand story document that was ‘obvious’ in the best way — it so clearly told the story of our business that I had a moment of wondering how we didn’t see all of this before. But of course, it takes a pro like Steve to show you what you take for granted — AND to lay it out clearly and eloquently. I love the tagline he came up with: “Homemade quality you can taste — all the time. Every time.” His long experience in the advertising industry really helped him understand where our business stood, and how we could differentiate ourselves against our competitors (even in a crowded field). I recommend Steve to any business who knows the importance of telling a compelling story. He will distill your business, tell your story, and help you get that message out to your customers, your employees, your stakeholders, and your investors.”

Jonathan Simmons
Director of Branding & Marketing