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Now. Before You Hire The Wrong People.

Several years ago during the final presentation of an agency review for a large account, the President of the company turned to me and said:

“So I’ve heard all the things you do well, but what would you like to do better?”

Without blinking I instinctively said “I wish we got there first more. Too many times we’re brought in to clean up some other agency’s mess.”

It sounded harsh but it was absolutely true. Too many times I’ve been brought in after a client has blown the budget and lost precious time with another creative resource and the job is still far from done. And every time I’ve bailed them out. It’s how several of my biggest client relationships began.

Yet I’ve tried my best to make a point of convincing prospective clients to use me first and get the job done right the first time. My objective is to do things right, not over.

That means really listening to what you want and need and finding ways to make the most of all the resources you have, financial, human and otherwise.

You’ll find I’m fast, intuitive and a buttoned-up project manager. In addition to the best-in-class creative savvy I personally bring to the table, I provide you with a simple but effective process to get the work done.

And, rest assured, I can handle any job you throw my way. Any job. As your Creative Director and lead writer, I can assemble a crack team of seasoned pros who can get any marketing job done on time, on budget and produce results beyond your expectations. If you need a film crew for a video, I make a call. If you need a web development or SEO/SEM expert, I tap my network. If you need the best designers in the business, I already work with them.

So before you pick up the phone or hit send to contact somebody else, do yourself what could be a very big favor. Call me first. All I want is a chance to convince you myself that hiring me is your best bet for success. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

(By the way, the President of that company I mentioned hired a big-shot agency who blew his budget and didn’t get the job done. Seven months later with no results, they called me and asked if we would come in and rescue his marketing program. I said “sure” and told him we’ll still need the budget we talked about earlier. They agreed and we launched an incredibly successful program for him in less than 60 days. Too bad he wasted so much time and money before hiring me!)