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I get my passion

Here’s My Story.

When I was just a young boy of nine living in the mountains of Vermont on a very small Air Force radar base, most Saturday mornings year round my Mom would pack me a brown bag lunch. Usually it was the same: a bologna and mayonnaise sandwich on Pepperidge Farm white bread with two Oreo cookies, an apple and a jug of ice water.

She would roll the top of the bag over crisply three times, scoring each fold with her thumbs and forefingers. Then, carefully and with precision using the trusty old GI gray stapler she would squeeze two staples equally apart through the folds to keep the bag tight and secure. When done, she would write my name on the bag. She had the most elegant handwriting. Still, with a slight chuckle to myself, I always wondered what other such meticulously prepared lunch bag she thought I might pick up by mistake in the woods to warrant such detailed attention. But I loved that she did it exactly the same way every Saturday, name and all. It is no doubt why I’m such a dork for detail today.

So, with my lunch bag waiting on the table, I’d lace up my hiking boots, secure my baseball cap on my crew-cut head, grab my BB gun and whistle for my dog, Jesse. He was a striking Collie and German Shepherd mix and the greatest dog ever. Fast as lightning as he bounded through the woods and streams chasing, well, everything. Then off we’d both go for a day of excitement and exploration. After about eight hours I’d come home just in time to wash my hands for dinner, sit down and tell my family about all that I’d seen and done that day. It was an amazing time to be a kid. I felt so very alive.

Looking back, it was then that I realized I wanted to be some kind of storyteller. It was the dawn of my desire to “get out there” and connect with a variety of people, places and things. It was then I learned to observe and drink life in with all my senses. And then process and communicate to others clearly, in engaging detail with great passion what I had experienced and how I felt.

It’s been a fun journey but I’m nowhere near the end of the story. And I’m betting you aren’t, either.

So if you’ve got great things to tell about your brand or your company, product or service …

… I’d love to be the guy who gets to tell your story.