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I am

Everyone Has A Story To Tell.

Prior to starting PENN, I was the founding partner, CEO and Executive Creative Director of a highly respected and international award-winning marketing agency in Minneapolis.

While I’m very proud of and grateful for the many amazing experiences and achievements I logged at my agency during those 11 years, I wanted to get back to my roots … and just write.  Tell the colorful and, just when I would get jaded, inspirational stories for my clients and their brands.

I mean, it’s what I do after all. I’ve had a crazy and rewarding 27-year career as a senior creative leader at small, national and global agencies. Along the way I’m lucky to have worked with some incredibly smart people for a Who’s Who of world-class brands such as Pfizer, IBM, AT&T, American Express, 3M, Time-Life and National Geographic to name but a few.

When it comes to creative and communications, I’m proud to say I’m channel neutral and media agnostic. I’ve earned my stripes using both sides of my brain to create both the tools and content used to build highly successful traditional and digital marketing programs in the consumer and business-to-business spaces. Among my proudest accomplishments was the development of the strategic and creative platform and content for the original launch of The GM Card for General Motors, which to date remains the largest and most successful multi-media credit card launch program ever introduced in North America.

So I hope you’ll join me as I journey down my new path. If you’re looking for creative work that’s smart, passionate, real, engaging and effective, give me a buzz.