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Three Really Good Reasons You Should
Choose PENN For Your Next Project.

1.  No Compromises ~ Always Best In Class.

As a former member of several agency senior management teams and the owner of an agency myself for more than 11 years, I bring best-in-class talent, experience and expertise to every facet of the work I do for you. You’ll get intelligent and immediately actionable strategy. Crisp, compelling copy. Smart, purposeful design and a powerful network of seasoned, savvy talent in everything from web development and SEO/SEM to media buying and video production. All seamlessly delivered via a single point of contact: me. This means no hassles for you and the ability to confidently delegate your needs to me and whatever team I might need to call upon on your behalf. You will have one relationship you can count on without having to compromise quality for any service rendered.

2.  I Get To “Aha” Far Faster Than Anyone You Have Ever Worked With.

These days, “getting it” just simply isn’t enough. You have to get it quickly and the first time. The demands of today’s fast-paced marketing environment don’t provide for “do overs.” Yes, the best work takes time, but you’ll find great work with me takes much less time because I get to “Aha” a lot faster than any freelancers and certainly any agency you may have worked with before. Why? Because of my extensive experience and the efficacy and efficiency of my marketing and communications process. You will always get first-rate thinking and clean execution every step of the way. And you’ll get it quickly and right the first time and well within your budget.

3.  I’m Passionate And Fun To Work With.

Quite simply, my purpose is marketing and my passion is copywriting. You get work that not only makes the cash register ring but also expertly tells your brand story and nurtures positive, profitable relationships with your customers. And along the way I’m hoping we get to have a little fun. Life is too short not to enjoy what you do. So let’s make some waves and have a good time doing it.